flower painted crust bread
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Flower Painted Crust Bread

Your canvas, doesn’t neccesarily need to be a piece of paper as you can paint your breads just like this flower painted crust bread.

The bread I painted and that you see on the photo and video is a sourdough bread but you can paint any loaf or baked good you like. It’s super fun and it personalizes your baking, I loved it!

What did I use to color the crust of my bread?

I used Americolor food colorings! check them out here. Its one of the best known brands used in cakes as it producs nice colors that don’t wash out when baking and they don’t have any taste.

I used the red and green color gels.

Did I paint it before or after baked?

I painted my loaf before I baked it! as I wanted to see if the colors will fade… and to my surprise the colors remained exactly the same.

What bread recipe do I recommend for making this bread?

I recommend to make this flower crust painted bread one that holds its shaped and that the crust is very even to be able to easily draw on it. I would stay away from seeded loaves.

I used my basic sourdough bread for the loaf you see on the video – recipe here!

And if you are new to sourdough bread baking and want to learn all about it – check my sourdough class & kit (nationwide shipping in the USA) below!

Curious to know how I created this flower crust painted bread? Check out the video below!

Flower crust bread painting

If you have any questions comment below!

And if you’ve tried making this flower crust painted bread remember to tag me on instagram: @vituperio_bread!

Can’t wait to see your bread,



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