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Raisenne Proofer, Unboxing & Review

Isn’t the unboxing of products sooooooooo fun! I love it, so start by checking out the below video with the unboxing of Raisenne, a very well thought home proofer for us bread bakers!

Unboxing of Raisenne!

What is Raisenne?

It’s a home bread proofer! So if you are new to bread making, yeasts need temperature to start working and making your dough rise before baking.

Throughout the year as temperature fluctuates it is soooo hard to be consistent with bread baking, so having a home proofer is absolutely one of the best products to have when you bake bread at home.

A home proofer provides consistency no matter what temperature your house is at, or what time of the year it is. If you bake bread at home and don’t have one, I cannot recommend it enough!

How does it work?

Raisenne warms up and provides consistent heat. You can place your bowl with dough, loaf pan or anything you are using the make your bread rise on top of it. It will conduct heat and make the yeasts in the dough super happy and ready to work!

What temperature does Raisenne Home Proofer get to?

It has a fixed temperature of 85°F

Is that temperature good for bread baking?

It is the ideal temperature for bread baking! its not too cold and not too warm.

Raisenne home proofer
Raisenne home proofer

Can I clean Raisenne Home Proofer?

Yes, you can clean it with a moist cloth while its being unplugged.

How do I store it?

Anywhere you can place it flat. Plus it is incredible thin and flexible.

Where can I buy Raisenne Home Proofer? and what is the price?

You can buy it here.

What other Bread Home Proofers are out there in the market?

Brod and Taylor home proofer is another product in the market. Though a brod and taylor has other uses too, and which also reflects in the price and the size it has. Check it out here.

How does Raisenne compare?

Raisenne is different as it has a fixed temperature of 85°F, it is also amazingly thing, flexible and easy to store and clean.

Do you want to learn about sourdough bread baking?

To use your Raisenne at home, check out my guides, recipes, and workshops in each of the links! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to my email contact@vituperio.com

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