Baking bread without a Dutch Oven
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Baking bread without a Dutch Oven

Baking without a Dutch Oven is absolutely doable! Check out my alternative method explained below so you can expand your bread baking knowledge and get great results.

I do have a Dutch Oven at home, which I love and use to bake all of my loaves.

Do you need an expensive Dutch Oven?

No, mine is a Tramontina that I got at Walmart for $30.00? on discount. You can also use a pot that has a heavy lid and holds the heat, not necessarily a Dutch Oven.

Check out the Lodge brand – they also have good inexpensive Dutch Ovens here.

That said, please don’t stay away from bread baking because you think you need expensive equipment.

Before we dive into how to bake without a Dutch Oven, its important to know WHY using a Dutch Oven is a great way to bake bread!

Why is using a Dutch Oven a great way to bake bread?

To successfully bake bread you need a moist environment during the first part of the bake. A Dutch Oven helps us achieve that by not allowing the water that is being evaportaed from the loaf to leave the pot. Hence – creating a very moist environment.

My Dutch Oven – brand: Tramontina

Why is having a moist environment important to bake bread?

Because you want the last rise to happen inside the oven, so having a moist environment allows the crust not to set immediately, being able to fully expand during the first part of the bake. Baking inside a Dutch Oven with the lid on, lets us obtain this.

How can we recreate this same concept without a dutch oven?

With 2 same size loaf pans! just like the photo below.

This is how you will recreate the Dutch Oven method.

How does the 2 loaf pan method work? check out my video below!

How to bake bread without a dutch oven

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