Why a cancellation and refund policy?

Believe me, I didn’t want to add this policy to the classes as I’ve seen how everyone loves the Studio and appreciates the work put behind a class. But I also have the responsibility in making sure the Studio stays around and serves my dearly community.

I do know unexpected things happen in life and that there might be a time in which you have a conflict to attend.

Even though I absolutely understand the above, each class requires a lot of work, organization, costs incurred and it is very difficult to adjust when receiving a cancellation on short notice.

For the above, I highly encourage the option of giving your ticket to someone else!

Each class has been organized having in mind the number of attendees coming, and the fact that we might have someone missing completely damages the structure of the class and someone’s experience.

When you cancel a class you might have taken someone else’s spot in case the class was sold out. On the other hand, the class might now, not have enough attendees to be held.

Please commit when booking your spot at a class.

Thank you so much!

I hope to see you at the Studio,


Terms and Conditions

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You can opt any of the 2 below options.

  1. Refund but the processing fee will be discounted from the total amount.
  2. Virtual Gift card, full amount.

Your ticket is not refundable. You will receive a virtual Gift Card with the full amount of the class with no expiration date.

Please know your spot at the class is not refundable or deferrable to another date.

However, your ticket is TRANSFERRABLE. In the event you cannot make it, you can have someone else take your spot at that particular class.

Please make sure to let us know if that is the case my emailing contact@vituperio.com

Absolutely! you can transfer your booking to anyone, or you can resell your ticket.

Just make sure to email contact@vituperio.com to get their name and email updated.

I highly encourage this option when you can’t come. All classes have been organized considering the number of attendees. When someone does not attend it completely changes the dynamics of the class.

No, gift cards provided don’t ever expire.

You can use them towars in-person classes, virtual, shopping.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email contact@vituperio.com