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Wire Monkey Lame, Product Review

This review of the Wire Monkey Lame is for everyone who is looking to buy a bread scoring tool that is super useful for your daily bakes!

I’ve had my Wire Monkey Lame for 2 years now… and I use it too often haha I love it! Not only is pretty but it allows cut to score (make cuts on your dough before it bakes) safely and also being close to the dough – which is super helpful!

I’ve had several scoring tools in my life, and my favorite is holding the blade directly (which I DON’T recommend, I’ve cut myself too many times). That said, Wire Monkey is in my top 2. I will make another post to show the other one I love.

How does Wire Monkey Lame work?

Is this one the only design of the Wire Monkey Lame?

No, they have several different designs you can pick from! they even have a new one called ARC LAME which is a different form – I haven’t used it but seen some videos and it looks great!

How do you change the blade?

You have to unscrew both wooden sides. Make sure you are CAREFUL! because sometimes as you are unscrewing the blade could move and you might get hurt! It has happened to me… oh yes!

How do you store your Wire Monkey Lame?

As the blade is out there – make sure to store it in the envelope it comes in, or they also sell a leather holster as an accesory. Check them out here

Is there maintenance I need to do?

I always have it covered in flour, so every now and then I use a brush to take the flour off. You are supposed to use oil to take care of the wood. I haven’t done it, so if you have let me know how it works out!

They sell the oil here in their accesories shopping page.

Where can I purchase the Wire Monkey Lame?

Go directly to their website if you live in the USA here: Wire Monkey Website

If you live anywhere else in the world check out their Resellers here

**I know they don’t sell on AMAZON – so if you see them there its not the original!**

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