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“I left my career in Corporate Finance to teach the art of bread baking”

After seven years in corporate finance in Chile, the Chilean-born Javiera Montoya decided it was time for a change. She left her job and, after taking a variety of classes to figure out her next step, fell down the rabbit hole of bread making.” #huffpost

Tamron Hall Show - ABC

On March 2022 while I was working I received a text from from a producer who worked at ABC Channel.

My first thought… this is clearly a SCAM!

Who texts to invite you to a national tv show in NY?

ok… long story short… it was true haha and in 48 hours I was in New York’s ABC studios, on national TV.

Make sure to check out the interview with Tamron Hall below.

Visit PA mini series with Steve Ford

For this project, they had Steve Ford from HGTV host it! and I had the honor to be invited as a co-host to tag along in his visit to a bread bakery called “Talking Breads” located in Mechanisburg, PA

We talked about the grains they grow, how the used them and were able to be inside their bakery, doing what I love… making bread!

Make sure to check it out below!

Hacedores de Pan
"Bread Makers"

Featured in my home country! What a dream come true.

I made a chocolate babka, one of my favorite breads and the show was super fun!

Make sure to watch it below (it is in spanish though) and comment!

I would love to know your thoughts.