This is my Story…

At the International Culinary Center, NYC with Chef Johnson, June 2018
At Vituperio, showing how to use the Komo Mill

My Story – Hi I’m Javi! Vituperio’s Head Baker

I like to think I am a lot of things… but until today my story is that I’m a professional bread baker, entrepreneur, amateur pianist and watercolor painter …so let me start by where I come from and my early eduaction.

Where do I come from?

Directly from Santiago, Chile! I was born and raised down there, and my family lives down there.

Where did I move to?

We moved to Montgomery County a suburb of Philadelphia, PA on 2017. Can’t believe it’s been that much time! I feel I got here yesterday…

This is my story… so what did I study first?

I studied Business in Santiago, Chile and then did a Master in Finance which allowed me to work for several years in the corporate world. The stability was nice, but none of the jobs I had, ever resonated with me and how I wanted to live my life… so when the opportunity to move to the USA was real, I decided it was the perfect moment to do a career change and start again!

Class of June 2018 International Culinary Center, NYC

Where did I study bread baking?

That is when, in 2018 I enrolled in New York at the world’s reknown International Culinary Center for their International Bread Baking Program, under the instruction of Chef Johnson. I don’t have words to express how it was by far one of the best experiences of my life! Not only because of the knowledge that was given to us, but because the group that was taking the program with me gave me the confidence and strength to pursue Vituperio, my new passion.

My story – What other things do I enjoy doing?

If you follow my Instragram, you occasionally see me playing piano and I tought 2 years for Meridee Winters School of Music.

Inspired by my mother and grandmother, I had the opportunity to study classical piano for 9 years at a professional institute in Santiago, Chile that had a program for children. It was a very traditional and strict method of learning, which required a lot of effort from me at an early age.

However, today in hindsight I cannot thank enough what those years of perseverance and tenacity tought me. Being able to play piano – what a gift! plus life is so crazy, that something that I would have never thought was going to be useful for me (I remember telling my mom that, when I didn’t want to practice haha) today has showed me how wrong I was, not only because of what music develops in you, but also because I am able to connect and teach this life skill to my students with all my heart.

My story – What do I like to do in my free time?

In my free time, I love travelling, watercolor painting, and taking photos…hope to meet you online or at my Studio soon!

My story – Check out this video to learn more about me!

I prepared with my career change journey to share with you what it has meant to me.

3 year career change celebration – Interview

About Vituperio

Long story short…

In 2017, #hubbynoinstagram aka José and I (who you will probably meet at the Studio!) started thinking about this project, called Vituperio – which was going to be a non traditional bakery experience. Our goal – to share this love for bread with you, and to help everyone learn what made from scratch bread is all about in a very professional but welcoming and hands-on experience.

It was so hard to find a quality baking class outside the formal culinary schools – and that was part of out inspiration!

If you want to check out my recipes, live virtual classes, in-person classes (click each one).

For us, bread is a big part of our Chilean culture, we buy bread every day down there and enjoy it mostly in every meal. We are glad to see though, that it is a revolution that is starting around the world too. Therefore we invite you to come and experience what authentic bread is supposed to taste, smell, and feel like.

Our goal is to have a professional teaching in a fun and a hands-on approach to baking, it’s about letting go of all preconceptions about this amazing and nutritious food so that we can bring together this old craft back to life!

Hope to meet you soon! at our in-person workshops, online workshops, at a market, through this blog or our instagram/facebook.

With love,

Javi & José