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Learn how to bake bread and cook with a professional bread baker at Vituperio’s in-person or online baking and cooking workshops.

Baking workshops for the home baker are hard to find outside a professional culinary school. And personally, when I was looking to learn how to bake bread professionally that is exactly what happened to me.

Philadelphia baking workshops

That is why, when creating Vituperio one of my goals was that I wanted to provide my community a space to learn how to bake with high standards.

Hi I’m Javi! The woman behind this website and owner of Vituperio. In case  you are interested in finding out more about me and how I got involved in bread baking you can find all that here.

Where is Vituperio located?

We are located in Lansdale, a Philadelphia suburb! Its around 35-40 minutes from downtown going north. Lansdale is located in Montgomery county, where the Merck main campus is.

What does Vituperio mean?

Vituperio, is a Chilean word that means an informal and intimate gathering with your friends sharing food and drinks. I would say “let’s do a Vituperio tonight at my place” and my guests will know its an intimate reunion around good food.

What does Vituperio offer?

Through this website and at the Studio I will be sharing with you:

  • Recipes & tips
  • Virtual baking and cooking classes here
  • Dates for in-person bread baking and cooking workshops in Lansdale (and other classes focused on: pies, cakes and pasta)
  • Dates to purchase sourdough bread when (yes! every now and then I decide to bake a lot for pick-up at the Studio or at a local farmers market). You will find all that information to pre-order here.

Since the pandemic started, I created an online sourdough class that I teach once a month. The fee includes a kit with all the ingredients and tools you will need. That way you don’t even need to leave your house to take the class! Feel free to check out dates and all it includes here.

As of today, more than 100 people have taken my online sourdough class and are baking sourdough bread successfully not only in the USA but in Chile, my home country.

About my in-person workshops…

I have to say, that in-person baking workshops are my passion and are not only a fun way to spend a day on yourself, but its a first hand baking experience like no other.

At the studio you will learn how to bake not only bread but other baked goods and also improve/practice what you already know.

In addition to the joy it brings being able to attend an in-person class, one of my favorite things of that experience is being able to meet fellow bakers who have our same passion. Its always rewarding and makes the class even more interesting and meaningful.

Feel free to check out my in-person baking workshop dates here.

Do I need to have baking experience to attend?

I always see excited but also scared faces entering the studio, but please don’t be scared! I DON’T require that you have any baking experience to attend. Just bring your baking enthusiasm to learn and have fun in a safe environment.

Have in mind that my job is to teach you everything you need to succeed at the recipes we will be working on. The only thing I do require in addition of what I mentioned before is that you come hungry as there will be plenty baked goods to eat and take home after the workshop.

Do I host private workshops?

Yes! if you are interested in a private workshop for: team buildings, birthdays, bridal showers or any celebration email me to

Private events are always really fun, and its something different that you can experience with your group. Its also something everyone will always remember.

Where is Vituperio located?

We are in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and use Sweet Nettie Jane’s kitchen!

Hope to meet you soon!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

With love,


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